Broadcast Audio

Duncan Media Services has the expertise and the professional facilities you're looking for to produce radio programs, or radio commercial production. Our multi-track broadcast studio features digital editing, sound effect library,and licensed music. Also at Duncan Media Services we can distribute your syndicated radio programs via our www.programdistributor.com web site. Remember to ask us about our voice-tracking and voiceover services.

Internet Audio

Duncan Media Services is on the cutting edge of web audio and video. D.M.S. offers a complete podcasting service. We can record, produce, edit, and encode your pod program. From concept to completion D.M.S is your complete source for podcasting. We have worked as a web-audio consultant for a variety of radio stations, and our expertise goes beyond just audio. We have a complete understanding of the overall process including web page design, networking, web servers, etc. This knowledge allows us to work effortlessly with your webmaster. We can encode your existing audio and video or produce your complete project in our state of the art studio

Our Studio

Our state of the art studio host a Behringer mixing board with Pro-tools digital workstation. Other professional equipment found in our studio include DigiTech, EV,Numark, Nady, Yamaha, etc.
Although our studio is specifically designed for broadcast and internet audio production it is also perfect for the small musical groups, Guitarist, Keyboard player, Soloist, etc. Complete with multi-track layering and digital mix-down.



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